10Sep 2013
by Nick Potter

Hotel Vibrating Pillow Alarms

The Safety Centre are specialist suppliers of fire and safety products. We can supply products worldwide. Part of of product portfolio includes vibrating pillow alarms ideal for use in hotels.  We have supplied these products to many of the worlds leading hotel chains including Marriott, Hilton, Westin and Sheraton.

Deafgard Hotel Vibrating Pillow Alarm

Deafgard Vibrating Pillow Alarm

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The Deafgard unit is an ideal product for use in Hotels.  This device is an acoustically operated battery powered vibrating pillow alarm.  The base station of the device is designed to sit on the bedside table of the person using the alarm.  The vibrating pad should be placed underneath the persons pillow before going to sleep.  The base station of the unit is designed to activate the vibrating pad when it hears an alarm above 65dBA i.e. a fire alarm system warning siren.

It is ideal for use in Hotels as it can be issued to a person needing the vibrating pillow alarm system at time of check-in and used in any room within the hotel, aslong as the fire alarm system audibility is adequate in the room in which it is to be used.

C-Tec Hard-Wired Hotel Vibrating Pillow Alarms

C-Tec Hotel Vibrating Pillow Alarm


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In addition to the battery powered acoustic vibrating pillow alarms we also have a selection of hard-wired type vibrating pillow systems. This system consists of a socket which is designed to be installed next to the bed position and a vibrating pillow alarm which plugs directly into the socket. The sockets are designed to be part of the buildings 24V DC fire alarm system conventional sounder circuits. Once the vibrating pillow is plugged into the socket and positioned underneath the persons pillow, it is designed to activate once the fire alarm system sounder circuit is activated and wake the beds occupant.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Honeywell Disabled Refuge Systems and Morley Fire Alarm System ranges. If you would like more information then please contact us.

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