04Feb 2011
by The Safety Centre

How to Number / Address an Apollo XP95 Xpert Card

Apollo Xpert Card

Many analogue addressable fire alarm devices need to be numbered / addressed in someway to tell the fire alarm control panel which device it is.  The way that Apollo XP95 and Apollo Discovery Detectors are addressed is by using their Apollo XP95 Xpert card system.

What is an Apollo XP95 Xpert Card?

An Apollo XP95 Xpert Card is a small rectangular piece of plastic with a series of pimples on it which slides into the Apollo Detector Bases and Sounder Base range.  They also incorporate a small tag which protrudes from the base where a label can be positioned to give a visual indication of the device number.

How are Apollo XP95 Xpert Cards Numbered?

Individual device numbers can be set by using the Xpert card.  The way this is done is by removing specific pimples, as each pimple has a numeric value.  When Apollo XP95 detectors are placed in the base the panel can identify which pimples are missing in order to give the detector an numeric address.

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