05Sep 2012
by The Safety Centre

Howler Site Alert – Site Alarm

The Howler Site Alert is a new product recently added to the product portfolio of The Safety Centre.  this unit is specifically designed to be used on building sites as a warning system.  The Howler Site Alert can be used as a stand alone system or it can be interlinked together using a 2 core cable.
Howler Site Alert


The Howler Site Alert units are all completely battery powered and also feature a battery low warning facility which will indicate when the battery requires replacing.  These units require a 9V sized battery.

The Howler Site Alert units are weatherproof which makes them ideal for external use on building sites.  They also have a tough exterior casing designed to protect them from damage on construction site environments.

The devices are particularly suited to building site enviironments as fewer and fewer building sites are allowing the rotary hand bells and air horns as an acceptable method of raising a warning signal on a construction site.  The high intensity LED flashing strobe on the front of the Howler Site Alarm gives a clear visual indication that an alarm has been initiated.  This is particularly useful in noisy environements where a siren may not be heard due to high background noise levels.

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