22Feb 2011
by The Safety Centre

Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm System

Hyfire Radio Fire Alarm System

The Safety Centre can announce that the Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm System is now part of our product portfolio.  This is a welcome addition to our ever expanding range of fire safety products.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems have been on the market in the UK since the early nineties, however the Sterling Safety Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm System has a new unique approach to fire alarm systems using radio communications.  Instead of being a totally wireless fire alarm system, Sterling Safety describe the Hyfire fire alarm system as a ‘Hybrid’ fire alarm system.  So what is a hybrid fire alarm system?  Instead of using only wireless devices to create a fire alarm system a hybrid fire alarm system can consist of both traditional hardwired circuits containing devices on an analogue addressable loop circuit, in addition to this the system can accomodate wireless devices.  The wireless devices communcate with the fire alarm system via a series of translators and expanders positioned on the loop circuits.  Each translator on the loop can accomodate up to 32 Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm Devices.

The Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm System range features a selection of detectors, call points, sounders, beacons and interfaces.  These devices are all battery powered, with two batteries; one primary and one secondary.

The Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm System equipment uses the new EN54 frequencies which all wireless fire alarm systems must use from the end of March 2011.  The panel range features a one and two loop version.

HyFire Wireless Fire Alarm System

For More Information On This Range of Equipment Please Click The Following Link:- Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm System