14Oct 2015
by Nick Potter

Induction Loop Systems and Doctor’s Surgeries

Up-coming changes to legislation surrounding Induction Loops Systems and doctors surgeries means it will soon be necessary for every doctor’s surgery and hospital to have an induction loop on the premises. Induction Loop Systems allow hearing impaired individuals who wear hearing aids, to hear clearly in often busy and noisy spaces. They work in tandem with hearing aids, by switching the hearing aid to the ‘T’ facility, the user then experiences a clearer sound.

An Induction Loops system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field, greatly reducing background noise, competing sounds, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that reduce clarity of sound and therefore allowing the user to hear clearly. In busy areas such as a Doctor’s Surgery, an Induction Loop System can be invaluable to the end user, both in using the service and feeling comfortable.



C-Tec Portable Induction Loop Kit

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The Safety Centre has a range of portable and hard wired Induction Loop Systems, however for ease of use we can recommend the portable range, allowing the unit to be transported around a building to aid the hearing aid users and allow them to hear clearly wherever they are within the building. The C-Tec Portable Induction Loop System range starts from £119.95 ex VAT, comes with rechargeable batteries and all the great performance you would expect from an C-Tec product.

The C-Tec Portable Induction Loop Systems boasts:

  • Consists of two components:
    • robust ABS plastic main unit
    • plug-in power adaptor
  • Includes a rechargeable battery system
  • The battery gives a minimum of 24 hours use
  • Battery status LED
  • Easy to carry and simple set up for use
  • Fully operational at all times (even when recharging becomes necessary)
  • Incorporates an inbuilt socket for expansion using optional boundary microphones, etc.
If you require further information about the C-Tec Portable Induction Loop Kit or need to discuss your requirements further, please contact our friendly sales team on 01200 428410 or sales@thesafetycentre.co.uk.

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