25Jun 2019
by Nick Potter

Introducing The New Gent 34000 Adapter Base – S4-700-34K

Gent 34000 Adapter Base - S4-700-34K
Gent have announced the release of the new S4-700-34K 34000 adapter base. Making it easier than ever to replace legacy 34000 range of detectors and ensuring installed sites benefit from the latest in detection technology.

The Gent S4-700-34K 34000 adapter base provides a fast, simple solution for the replacement of legacy 34000 range of sensors with current S-Quad Sensors. The adapter base fits neatly onto the Gent S-Quad sensor enabling it to be fitted directly onto an existing Series 34000 base without the need for removal of the old base and rewiring of a replacement.

A fast, cost effective solution for replacing ageing sensors

Simple ‘fit and click’ solution replaces the need for a rewire

Significant cost savings – eliminate the need for additional contractors to support the upgrade and avoid the need for working at height

No need for additional Gent S-Quad detector bases

The full range of Gent S-Quad sensors are compatible with the new adapter base

Considerable time saved on-site – refurbishments completed within hours instead of days

If you’re interested in this Gent S4-700-34K base plate click on our Gent Fire Alarm System Equipment range.