08Apr 2019
by Nick Potter

Introducing the New Notifier VIEW High Sensitivity Smoke Sensor

Introducing the New VIEW High Sensitivity Smoke Sensor 

Over the past years, NOTIFIER successfully applied unique high sensitivity smoke detection in critical applications where early and reliable warning is required to drive the highest level of safety and limit the impact on businesses and operations for our customers.

Notifier VIEW High Sensitivity Smoke Sensor

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our next generation of the VIEW (Very Intelligent Early Warning) detector. The use of a spot detector with sensitivity levels up to 50 times higher compared to traditional smoke detectors is especially effective because:

  • The advanced AWACS algorithms offer the highest level of immunity to false alarms, combined with the highest level of sensitivity due to co-operative sensing between sensors. This enables the system to automatically learn changes in its environment
  • The system is fully addressable, so it provides an exact location of the detected alarm
  • It is fully integrated in the fire detection system. It uses standard cabling, fits in a standard mounting base, making it easy to design, commission and install
  • It has no moving parts which are subject to wear and tear
  • It does not require installation of separate systems using pipes, filters or interfacing
  • It does not delay the alarm decision due to transport times or dilution
  • The co-operative sensing also overcomes the effects of dilution in larger spaces to achieve a higher overall sensitivity without over-increasing the sensitivity at individual points

The solution is designed to protect valuable assets and operations where systems must remain on-line at all times, such as Server & computer rooms, telecommunications or any area where critical processes or assets are present.

It also offers a very flexible solution as additional protection inside Industrial control and switching cabinets or IT applications.

Our new VIEW sensor platform offers a number of new features. These are;

  • Improved signal stability using the latest LED technology for professional applications
  • A redesigned smoke chamber to further reduce the risk of false alarms
  • 3-colour LED’s to locate alarms and speed up diagnostics and fault finding
  • Integrated, controllable automatic isolators
  • Support for the latest OPAL protocol which offers superior performance and diagnostics capabilities
  • Full backwards compatibility with existing systems, fitting existing bases from previous detectors.

The new Notifier High Sensitivity Detectors are certified to the EN54-7

Below is a conversion chart from Old to New part numbers

Old Part Number New Part Number Description
FSL-751 NFXI-VIEW Intelligent High Sensitivity Smoke detector, white colour
FSL-751E NFXI-VIEW Intelligent High Sensitivity Smoke detector, white colour


System Compatibility

  • ID60  – NFXI-VIEW units are compatible with ID60 in CLIP mode only. On commissioning, NFXI-VIEW units will be learnt as a high sensitivity detector.
  • ID3000  – NFXI-VIEW units are compatible with ID3000 in CLIP mode only. On commissioning, NFXI-VIEW units will be learnt as a high sensitivity detector. Running learn-mode on ID3000 in OPAL mode is not advised as it will generate fault conditions due to incompatibility.
  • PEARL – NFXI-VIEW units are compatible with Pearl in CLIP and OPAL mode. When commissioned in CLIP mode, the NFXI-VIEW unit will be learnt a high sensitivity detector. In OPAL mode, the NFXI-VIEW will also learn as a CLIP high sensitivity detector but will operate correctly (for Pearl systems V1.17 and below).
  • POL200-TS – It is possible that the use of the POL200 tool and loop-topology mapping function interferes with the sensor settings. In this case, the panel might report ‘Bit Stuck Failure’ which cannot be reset. In that case, you need to upload the original config file to your panel.

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