09May 2013
by Nick Potter

Invest in a Fire Detection Alarm System from The Safety Centre

In an age of new technology and everybody’s desire for something that’s cutting edge, conventional non-addressable fire alarms have taken a backseat as newer addressable alarm systems have gained popularity. However, whilst these newer alarms are great for larger buildings, a conventional non-addressable fire detection alarm system is still a capable and cost effective solution for smaller environments including offices, schools, restaurants and retail outlets.
Fire Detection Alarm System

While the need for safety is always of the upmost importance, effective safety measures for these smaller environments can be supplied with a fire detection alarm system that’s affordable – enabling business and organisations to do what’s a necessity in this current economic climate; save money.

A Fire Detection Alarm System that Adheres to Legal Requirements

We have a range of high quality non-addressable solutions available, particularly from C-Tec who have a selection of models to choose from which caters for 2 to 8 zones, whilst also being fully complaint with current legal regulations including EN54 parts 2 and 4.

Available in either an aesthetically pleasing flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure that easily blends with surrounding environments, all of the 2, 4 and 8 zone models feature four conventional sounder circuits, alert inputs and a range of outputs including fault and reset. These features guarantee that your fire alarm detection system will be fully effective whenever it’s needed to be called upon. 

In addition, the C-Tec models also provide a myriad of engineering functions (dependent on the version) such as selectable zone delays and coincidence and non-latching zone facilities, which provide users with excellent functionality.

As well as all these impressive features and functions, a total of three LPCB approved versions are available, showcasing the stamp of approval that’s recognised throughout the world, informing people that it’s been tested and certified. C-Tec is certainly an impressive part of the complete range of fire alarm equipment we provide.

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