26Nov 2012
by Nick Potter

Jalite Fire Action Sign Range

Jalite are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of photoluminescent safety signs.  As part of their range they produce a selection of photoluminescent fire action sings for use within commercial and industrial buildings aswell as schools and health authority premises.
Jalite Fire Action Sign


These Jalite Fire Action Signs are available in a variety of designs to suit the needs of each individual building in which they will be used.  The Jalite Fire Action Sign range is also available in a rigid pvc version and also a self-adhesive vinyl version.  The rigid pvc versions can be installed in position easily using silicone, whereas the self-adhesive vinyl versions can be attached directly to the wall by simply peeling off the paper protecting the back of the sign.  Fire Action Signs are designed to be used next to each call point on a fire alarm system.  They are designed to give the occupants of the building on what to do if they discovery a fire within the premises.

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