19Nov 2012
by Nick Potter

Jalite Fire Exit Signs

Jalite Fire Exit Signs are ideal for use within commercial and industrial buildings.  This range of signs are manufactured from the Jalite AAA photoluminescent material which means that they will glow in the dark in the event of a lighting failure.  These Jalite Fire Exit Signs are available in a variety of sizes.

Jalite Fire Exit Signs

Jalite Fire Exit Signs are available in different versions with arrows facing in different directions.  The arrow directions that are available in the Jalite Fire Exit Signs range are as follows:-

  • Up Arrow
  • Down Arrow
  • Left Arrow
  • Right Arrow
  • Up Left Arrow
  • Up Right Arrow
  • Down Left Arrow
  • Down Right Arrow
  • No Arrow

The sign range is also available in either a rigid plastic material or also a self-adhesive vinyl version.  The self-adhesive vinyl versions can be attached directly to the wall in which they are to be mounted.  These signs are ideal for fire extinguisher engineers as it reduces the need to carry silicone for the purposes of attaching signs to a wall.

Jalite Emergency Fire Exit Signs Range

Along with signs with ‘Fire Exit’ text Jalite also manufacture signs with ‘Emergency Exit’ text.  These are suitable for buildings in which there is a distinction between fire exits and emergency exits.  Along with these versions of signs there is also a sign with just ‘Exit’ as the text on the sign.

Jalite Self-Adhesive Fire Exit Signs

The sign range is available in a variety of sizes.  The size should be chosen appropriate to the distance at which the sign should be visible to the occupants of the building.  We can supply a guide as to viewing distances of safety signage.

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