21Aug 2012
by Nick Potter

Klaxon Boxer – Stand Alone Fire Alarm

Klaxon Boxer

The Klaxon Boxer is a stand alone fire alarm call point.  This unit is entirely battery powered and has an integral sounder that emits an alarm siren when the unit is activated.  The purpose of the unit is so that an alarm signal can be given on the event that a fire is discovered within the building.  The person who discovers the fire can activate the Klaxon Boxer unit while escaping from the building.

Klaxon Boxer


The Klaxon Boxer is ideal for small industrial units, portakabins or temporary marques, where there is no need to install a hard wired system throughout the building.  These units can be used as a stand alone point, or they can also be interlinked by connecting them together with cables.  If the units are interlinked they are designed so that all of the units linked together will alarm when one of the Klaxon Boxer alarms is activated.

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