25Jan 2011
by Nick Potter

Klaxon Terrier Battery Powered Temporary Fire Alarm

Klaxon Terrier Temporary Fire Alarm

With increasing standards of health and safety on building sites there is an ever increasing need to provide fire safety measures to ensure that construction personnel are kept safe on sites.

The Klaxon Terrier is a stand alone battery powered call point unit with an integral sounder which can be positioned around building sites to give a manually operated audible alarm to warn construction personnel of a fire situation.  Several Klaxon Terriers can be interlinked together to activate their sounders at the same time when one of the units has been manually activated.  The unit is manufactured with a rugged metal housing and features a low battery warning to indicated when the battery power is getting low.

The Klaxon Terrier is also ideal for camp sites, temporary buildings, small industrial units and marques.

Klaxon Terrier

For more information on the Klaxon Terrier please click the following link:- Klaxon Terrier