26Feb 2013
by Nick Potter

Mains Rated Sounders and Sirens Now Available

The Safety Centre can announce the arrival of a new selection of mains rated sounders and sirens.  These units are manufactured by Cranford Controls and come in a choice of red or white colours.  They are ideal for use on older type fire alarm systems that still use mains voltages.  These units are designed to work on either 110V AC or 230V AC.
Mains Rated Sounder


These sounders belong to a wider range of Cranford Control Sounders, Beacons and Door Magnets which are ideal for use on fire alarm and security systems.  Cranford Controls are a long established manufacturer of high quality fire and security products.  Their products are used throughout the world in many various applications.

If you’re interested in our mains rated sounder rnages you may also be interested in our Briton 996 Door Closers and Geze TS4000E Door Closer ranges.