20Mar 2012
by Nick Potter

Mobile Fire Point Range

Mobile Fire Point

The Safety Centre now offer a range of mobile fire points. These Thomas Glover products are designed for manoverability to allow fire fighting equipment to be moved closer to the source of the fire. Here at The Safety Centre we offer two different variations of a mobile fire point, both of which are manufactured by Thomas Glover, with one including a bell to allow the user to notify others of a nearby fire.


Mobile Fire Point


The mobile fire point is ideal for petrol station forecourts and other similar outdoor set ups where the equipment maybe needed elsewhere as the fire points are designed so that the fire equipment can easily be moved towards the source of the fire. Both of the stands that we have available can accomodate two fire extinguishers and one fire bucket, however one of the stands does come complete with a fitted fire bell. The chassis of the mobile fire points are manufactured from mild steel tube and is finished nicely with an epoxy polyester powder paint finish in red, as shown in the picture above. In addition to this, the wheels are made from nylon and have rubber treads on them for increased control and greater manoverability.

For More Information On These Products Please Click The Following Link:- Mobile Fire Points