06Feb 2013
by Nick Potter

Morley Dimension Fire Alarm Panel Range – Suitable For Apollo, Hochiki & System Sensor Devices

The New Morley Dimension Fire Alarm Panel range is a selection of multi protocol analogue addressable fire alarm control panels.  These panels are suitable for use with Apollo XP95, Apollo Discovery, Apollo Xplorer, Hochiki and System Sensor protocol loop devices.  This makes this panel range an ideal choice for fire detection needs in modern buildings.  Providing a flexible panel with the usual high quality build quality from Morley.
Morley Dimension Fire Alarm Panel


The Morley Dimension Panel range is available in 3 different loop sizes, starting at a compact single loop version with further 2 and 4 loop versions also available.  There is also a full selection of peripheral products available for these panels such as repeater panels, zonal LED expansion cards, network and communication cards.

To compliment the panel range we also supply all the loop devices for use on the loop circuits.

If you’re interested in the Morley Dimension Fire Alarm Panel range you may also be interested in our Apollo XP95 Detectors and Apollo XP95 Call Points.