13Sep 2012
by The Safety Centre

Morley MI-PSE Smoke Detector Range

The Morley MI-PSE range of analogue addressable smoke detectors are designed for use with Morley IAS protocol analogue addressable fire alarm systems.  These detectors are optical type smoke detectors and feature LED indicators which illuminate when they sense smoke in the atmosphere.
Morley MI-PSE Smoke Detector


The Morley MI-PSE Smoke Detectors are available in both Pure White and Ivory colours.  Along with these smoke sensors The Safety Centre can also supply a wide range of heat detectors and multi detectors for use on Morley IAS protocol Morley Fire Alarm Panels.

If you’re interested in the Morley MI-PSE Smoke Detector range you may also be interested in our Morley Fire Alarm Panel and Fire Alarm Testing equipment ranges.