23Jul 2020
by Nick Potter

New System Sensor Agile Wireless Sounder Strobe Units Now Available ! ! !

The System Sensor Agile wireless range has been extended to include a Wireless Sounder Strobe which completes the range to suit all your wireless detection needs and is now available to order.
The new wireless Sounder Strobe combines a powerful flashing red strobe and sounder (with a coverage volume of 350m3) in a cost effective, compact and an attractive enclosure. The Wireless Sounder Strobe is approved accordingly to standards EN54-25, EN54-3 and also EN54-23.

System Sensor AGILE Wireless Sounder Strobe

Due to independent battery power, the Agile Wireless Sounder Strobe is designed to address the growth of wireless solutions in retrofit applications the Agile Wireless Sounder Strobe can deliver the latest powerful EN54-23 compliance without impacting the existing powered loop installation.

The Agile Wireless Sounder Strobe will be assigned to two consecutive addresses dedicated to the control of Sounder and the following one to the control of flashing strobe thus permitting a flexible control of the alerting signals send trough the device.

System Sensor AGILE Sounder Strobe Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-reliable wireless mesh technology
  • Powerful EN54-23 Red flash (W 3.5 – 10)
  • Software/Advanced Protocol Panel configurable tone, volume, flash
  • 4 year battery life – 4 standard CR123A lithium batteries per device
  • Synchronized flash and sound tone trough Advanced Protocol
  • Easy 3 in 1 design, configuration and diagnostics with Agile IQ software
  • Easy mounting on standard RF base (also available in Red)

System Sensor Agile Wireless

Magnetic Anti-tamper feature implemented into mounting base.

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