22Apr 2013
by The Safety Centre

New Yuasa Yucel Battery Range Now Available

The Safety Centre are pleased to announce the addition of the Yuasa Yucel Battery range to our extensive range of Yuasa Sealed Lead Acid Batteries already on offer.  The Yuasa Yucel Battery range includes 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries in a variety of Ampere versions.  For more information on these batteries call us NOW on 01200 428 410.
Yuasa Yucel Battery Range


The Yuasa Yucel Battery range is designed for standby use and are ideal for fire and security systems.

Yuasa Yucel Y7-12 Battery – 7Ah 12 Volt

This range includes the popular Yuasa Yucel Y7-12 Battery.  This battery is the size often used in fire alarm control panels.  It is a 12 volt battery with a 7Ah capacity.  The batteries are supplied with terminal protectors to help stop them shorting out during transportation.

Yuasa NP Battery Range

In addition to the Yuasa Yucel Battery range we can also supply the Yuasa NP range of SLA batteries.  Again these batteries are available in a variety of sizes and also in 6 and 12 volt versions.

Yuasa Cyclic Batteries

Along with batteries designed for standby use, Yuasa also manufacture specifically designed cyclic application batteries.  These batteries have the ability to be cycled from fully charged and used over and over again.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Yucel Y7-12 Battery and Yucel Y2.8-12 Battery units.