13Jun 2011
by Nick Potter

Nittan Fire Alarm Equipment Installed Around The Globe

Nittan Fire Alarm Equipment Going Global

The latest range of analogue addressable fire alarm system detectors by Nittan called the evolution range is not only popular in the UK, it is also being installed in many locations throughout the world.

One such site that has had Nittan equipment installed to protect the occupants of the building is the new International School of Shwefat in the historic city of Homs.  This site is a private school which takes children from pre-school to high school age from many of the surrounding countries in the middle east.  This site is now being protected against fires by a fire alarm system using Nittan Evolution Detection devices.

Other Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems have also been installed throughout the region using Nittan Analogue Addressable Devices.  Examples of some of these sites are the Central Bank of Syria, the Italian Embassy in Damascus, Renault car showrooms, Al Sham Hospital and Damascus University.

Nittan Evolution

The system installed in the International School includes a large number of Nittan Evolution EV-P Photoelectric Smoke Detectors and the Nittan Evolution EV-PH Combined smoke & heat detectors, plus Nittan Evolution Call Points and Sounders.

The project has been ongoing since 2006 when the first system using Nittan Evolution equipment was installed.  Since this system was installed a further sports hall and swimming pool complex has been built, however the flexibility and power offered by the Nittan Evolution system has meant that the new equipment could easily be added to the existing system without having to install further panels.

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