27Sep 2012
by Nick Potter

Nittan ST-P & ST-I Detectors Replaced By ST-P-OM

The Nittan ST-P and ST-I Detectors from their Sensortec conventional detector range have been made obsolete.  These detectors have been replaced by the Nittan ST-P-OM detector which uses the same bases as the obsolete units and can be used as a like for like replacement.
Nittan ST-P-OM Smoke Detector


The Nittan ST-P-OM features an LED ring around the top of the detector which illuminates when the sensor detectors smoke.  This LED ring can be seen from any angle which allows fast identification of the detector that has sensed smoke.

The Nittan ST-P-OM is suitable for use with most modern conventional / non-addressable fire alarm systems and also features an attractive aesthetically pleasing design.

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