28Aug 2012
by Nick Potter

No Climb Solo 100-001 Telescopic Extension Pole

Solo 100-001

The Solo 100-001 is a 2 section telescopic extension pole manufactured by No Climb Detector Testers.  This unit allows the user / engineer to test and remove detectors upto a height of 4.5 metres when used with the testing and head removal accessories.

Solo 100-001 Extension Pole


The Solo 100-001 is compatible with the No Climb Solo Head Removal Tool.  This unit is adjustable and allows the user to remove various sizes of detectors at height from their bases.  The grips on the head removal tool rotate to allow it to grip to various sizes of smoke and heat detectors.

The Solo 100-001 is also compatible with the Aerosol Dispenser and Heat Detector testing kits.  These units allow the testing of both optical and ionisation smoke detectors aswell as heat detectors (including rate of rise and fixed temperature).

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