16Nov 2015
by Nick Potter

No Climb Solo Detector Testing Equipment From The Safety Centre

No Climb Solo Detector Testing Equipment, from Detector Testers, is the premier detector testing equipment on the market. Enabling testing up to 9.3 meters in height, No Climb Solo is a fire professional trade quality fire alarm test kits. Detector testing kits from Detector Testers are available for a variety of uses, and can be added to or adapted to suit different system’s needs. All No Climb Solo products are interchangeable with each other.

Lightweight and simple to use with a universal design which allows testing of widest range of detectors on the market. No Climb Solo detector testing kits allow testing of even the most difficult fire alarm system, both at height and around angles. The kits comprise of a detector testing aerosol dispenser, access pole and aerosol for the device that will be tested (ie smoke aerosol or carbon monoxide). Separate detector tester devices can be used to test heat detectors. No Climb Solo and its products provide fire alarm professionals with the highest quality of detector testing equipment.


Solo Fire Alarm Testing Equipment

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This fire alarm system manufacturer approved, the original detector testing toolkit is available from The Safety Centre in both pre-assembled kits and individual products. Also available are Detector Testers other product ranges Testifire, Scorpion, Smokesabre and Trutest.


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