04Jul 2013
by Nick Potter

No Climb Solo Fire Alarm Testing Kit With Heat Detector Tester

The Safety Centre are official distributors for No Climb Solo products. They are a manufacturer of high quality trade standard testing kits for fire alarm system equipment. Many of the kits are suitable for tests on ionisation and optical smoke detectors. However several of their kits include a specialist heat detector tester which is designed specifically for tests on thermal type detectors. The kits that include these testers are the Solo 814-001, Solo 822-001 and Solo 823-001.
No Climb Solo Fire Alarm Testing Kits

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These Fire Alarm Testing Kits come with various options and should be selected depending on your testing requirements. Below is a description of the different versions available;

No Climb Solo 814-001 Fire Alarm Testing Kit

The Solo 814-001 is an ideal starter pack for when testing heat detectors is required. This kit includes a smoke detector testing aerosol dispenser, head removal tool and also mains powered heat detector tester. It is supplied with a 4.5 metre telescopic pole which when you take the height of the person carrying out the testing, allows testing and the removal of detectors upto a height of 6 metres. The Solo 814-001 also comes supplied with a carry case which makes the kit easy to transport and is convenient for the storage of the testing equipment and aerosols.

No Climb Solo 822-001 Fire Alarm Testing Kit

The Solo 822-001 kit is similar to the 814-001 kit in that it is capable of testing upto 6 metres in height. However this kit boast a cordless heat detector tester with battery and charger. This makes it easier to use as the operative then does not have to find a mains power source for the testing of the heat detectors. There is also no additional power cables to take into consideration when testing which also makes it easier in a site environment. The Solo 822-001 Kit comes with a A3-001 Test Aerosol which can be used to start testing straight away.

No Climb Solo 823-001 Fire Alarm Testing Kit

This kit is the largest most comprehensive kit within the No Climb Solo range. It is capable of allowing testing upto 9.3 metres. This is achieved by using a 4.5 metre telescopic extension pole along with 3 x 1.13 metre additional extension poles which can be added to the telescopic extension pole. The Solo 823-001 also has a cordless heat detector tester with battery and charger. This is a high quality trade standard kit which will provide solutions to almost all fire alarm testing requirements.

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