06Mar 2013
by The Safety Centre

Notifier FDX-551HTEM Heat Detector – Fixed Temperature – Now Obsolete

The Notifier FDX-551HTEM was an analogue addressable fixed temperature heat detector. This detector had a fixed temperature setting of 78 degrees celcius. The Notifier FDX-551HTEM is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Notifier NFX-TFIX78-IV. This sensor has the same ivory colour as the old sensor and is backwards compatible so it can be used as a direct replacement for the old device. It uses the same B501 range of detector bases, so the base doesn’t need to be changed.
Notifier FDX-551HTEM Heat Detector

Click to view the Notifier NFX-TFIX78-IV now

Along with the heat detectors we can also supply the full range of European Notifier protocol detectors. This range includes smoke, heat and multi-criteria sensors suitable for use on Notifier protocol analogue addressable fire alarm control panels.

The Safety Centre can also offer a commissioning service for Notifier Fire Alarm Systems.

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