29Apr 2012
by Nick Potter

Notifier ID3000 Panel

Notifier ID3000 Panel

The Notifier ID3000 Panel is an analogue addressable fire alarm control panel.  These panels are available in 2 loop, 4 loop, 6 loop and 8 loop sizes which mean that they can be used to provide a basis of a fire alarm system for small, medium and large buildings.  For even larger systems several Notifier ID3000 Panels can be networked together.  Using networking huge systems can be connected together to provide a fire detection system for even the largest sites.

Notifier ID3000 Panel

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A Notifier ID3000 Panel is complimented by the range of Notifier analogue addressable fire alarm system equipment.  This range includes detectors, call points, sounders, beacons and interfaces.  Other additions for the Notifier ID3000 panel are available such as repeater panels, zonal LED’s, graphical display systems and printers.

The Notifier ID3000 Panel is manufactured by Notifier by Honeywell who are one of the worlds largest fire alarm system manufacturers.  Notifier ID3000 Panels are used to protect some of the most prestigious buildings around the world, including Hilton Hotels, HSBC Banks, Edinburgh Castle and Murrayfield Stadium.

The Safety Centre can also provide a commissioning service for the Notifier ID3000 Panels, please contact us on 01200 428 410 for more details.

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