23Mar 2011
by Nick Potter

Notifier NFXI-OPT Smoke Detector

Notifier NFXI-OPT Detector

The Notifier NFXI-OPT Smoke Detector is one of the latest additions to the Opal range of Analogue Addressable smoke detectors.  The Opal range of detectors were introduced in 2010 and are available in both ivory and pure white colours.

Notifier NFXI-OPT

So what makes the Notifier NFXI-OPT Smoke Detector different?  This is one of the first Notifier smoke detectors to include an integral isolator.  This means that instead of allowing for specific isolator bases on installations the zone isolators can now be covered by using the combined detectors with isolators.

The Notifier NFXI-OPT comes in the new pure white colour and is compatible with the Notifier B501 range of bases.  It also features the popular rotary dial switch method of numbering the detectors and the reverse side of the unit.

For more information or if you would like to purchase one of these units please click the following link:-  Notifier NFXI-OPT