10Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

Notifier Pearl Fire Alarm Panel Launch

Notifier Pearl launch date set for 2nd October 2012 with greater functionality

Notifier Pearl Fire Alarm Panel

The Pearl is the first in a new generation of Notifier products and they are committed to getting it right. As a result they have decided to delay the launch of the Notifier Pearl until they are comfortable that they are supplying a product that from day one you feel totally confident and proud to recommend and sell to The Safety Centre’s customers.

Notifier Fire Systems

Notifier Fire Systems are pleased to announce that the Pearl will be launched on 2nd October 2012.

As part of our launch process Notifier have taken on a number of beta test sites. These sites range from small single panel installations up to large networked sites in some very challenging environments. Several of these sites have been installed and commissioned and are performing very well, however, the beta trial programme has highlighted a number of functional requirements as well as bringing to our attention some issues which would have been impossible to replicate as part of our standard validation process. Notifier have, therefore, put a plan in place in order to rectify these issues and conducted a detailed review of the panel specification.

Some significant additions to the functionality of the Pearl, which were previously scheduled for later releases, will now be implemented from launch, most importantly the inclusion of repeaters and enhanced cause and effect functionality (of particular benefit in HMOs).

Notifier have also taken the opportunity to include a schedule of “wrecking testing”, both of the panel itself and the new integrated suite of support tools. This is being undertaken by a wide variety of staff in various functions at both the Burgess Hill and Leicester sites. This less formal, “user testing” will highlight further improvements we can make to the user experience from installation and commissioning through to everyday use by system owners.

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