28Apr 2011
by The Safety Centre

Notifier SDX-751 Detector

Notifier SDX-751 Detector

The Notifier SDX-751 Analogue Addressable Optical Smoke Detector has now been made obsolete by Notifier.  However there is a like for like replacement available in their new Opal range of Analogue Addressable Detectors.

The new Notifier NFX-OPT-IV is designed to be a like for like replacement for the Notifier SDX-751 detector.  The IV reference at the end of the part number means that it is also ivory in colour to match the Notifier SDX-751 detector.  Whereas other detectors in the new Opal range without the IV reference are pure white in colour.

Notifier SDX-751EM

For further information on this product please click the following link:-  Notifier SDX-751