25Jan 2011
by Nick Potter

Photoluminescent Safety Signs – Glow in the Dark

Jalite Safety Signs

The Jalite AAA range of Photoluminescent (Glow in the Dark) Safety Signs are specially designed to glow once light levels have been reduced.

These Safety Signs are ideally suited for Emergency Exit signs as they can provide indication of escape routes if lights within a building fail.

The Jalite AAA Photoluminescent material has several key features, these are as follows:-

  • Exceptional excitation at low light levels
  • Exceptional initial brightness once light levels have been reduced
  • Exceptional intensity during emergency evacuation situations
  • A product which is specifically designed for life safety situations

This Jalite AAA Photoluminescent features several different categories of signs including emergency / fire exit signs, fire safety signs, fire extinguisher signs, first aid signs, hazard safety signs, No Smoking Signs, Safety Instruction & PPE Signs, Assembly Point Signs and Site Safety Signs.

For more information on Jalite Photoluminescent Safety Signs please click the following link:- Jalite Photoluminescent Safety Signs