14Jun 2013
by Nick Potter

Purchase a High Quality Fire Alarm Cable from the Safety Centre

At the Safety Centre we are proud to be amongst the leading fire alarm and fire alarm equipment suppliers in the UK. Giving our customers an extensive selection to choose from, we have a range full of fire alarms boasting cutting edge technology with various traditional and wireless solutions available. Those looking for accompanying equipment will find everything from fire alarm panels, detectors and call point keys to installations kits, system accessories and fire alarm cables.

As with all of our fire alarm solutions, we aim to provide our customers with as much choice as possible and this goes for our fantastic range of fire alarm cables too. With cables specially made for certain temperatures, our fire alarm cable from the Safety Centre can adhere to any need in any environment.

Fire Alarm Cable

Choose a London Underground Approved Fire Alarm Cable

Those looking for a standard 4 core 1.5 mm enhanced fire alarm cable won’t need to look beyond those in our selection. They’re LPCB approved and provide all the safety features customers have come to expect from Safety Centre fire alarm products. With 100m rolls available, we provide customers with ample length for their environments, whilst we are delighted to be able to offer the AEI Firetec Standard Fire Alarm Cable which has been awarded a London Underground Approval Certificate.

Aside from our standard fire alarm cables, we also stock two different Kidde Alarmline Digital Linear Hear Detection Cables. One has been designed to provide fire activation at temperatures between 63 and 70 degrees celsius while the other between 79 and 95. Both models, working digitally, are able to detect fires and overheating early which makes them suited to confined and harsh environments. Areas such as cooling towers, car parks, escalators storage racks and conveyor belts are ideal.

Learn more about our Fire Alarm Cables

If you would like to know more about any of our fire alarm cables, please contact us.

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