20Mar 2013
by Nick Potter

Quick Installation with Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

While the dangers and consequences of fire in both domestic and commercial environments is the same as it ever was, the measures to prevent it aren’t. As industries and technologies have grown so too have the products on the market, particularly in the form of wireless fire alarm systems.

Wireless fire alarms provide a superb range of benefits to businesses. A fast installation process, flexible system, superb portability and cost effectiveness are some of the many reasons why they’re fast becoming the preferred choice over traditional systems.


At The Safety Centre we have an extensive selection of wireless fire alarm systems available, benefiting our customers with some of the best solutions on the market. One of the most popular wireless fire alarms we provide to businesses is the Zerio Plus. The Zerio is EN54-25 Compliant and highly effective in a range of different working environments, whether that is an office building, workshop or even a warehouse.


When you purchase the Zerio Plus the benefits start straight away at the installation stage. You can expect a seamless process and as little effect to the day-to-day running of the building as possible; great for places like schools that always need to be open at certain times of the year without disruption.


Whereas wired systems mean having to organise the running of cables through an entire building, the Zerio Plus is easily installed by positioning devices where required. So if it’s a small area the EDA-Z5008 Zerio Plus 8 Zone Panel is perfect, while you’ll want to be looking at the EDA-Z5020 Zerio Plus 20 Zone Panel for much larger areas.


If a fast fire alarm installation sounds like a fantastic solution for your business, contact us via 01200 428 410 and don’t forget that we also now provide international shipping too.


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