24Apr 2013
by Nick Potter

Replacement Call System Leads Available To Buy Online

The Safety Centre can supply a wide range of replacement call system leads ideal for use with the C-Tec Conventional and Addressable Call Systems.  These leads are available in a variety of sizes as detailed below.  For more information on Replacement Call System Leads call us NOW on 01200 428 410.
Replacement Call System Leads


Following are the range of spare call system leads we have on offer.

C-Tec NC805C/6 Replacement Call System Leads

The C-Tec NC805C/6 is a call system lead with jack socket plug that has a 1.8 metre pre-terminated lead.  This lead is ideal for use on C-Tec 800 series and Quantec call systems and allows the user to initiate a call onto the call system simply by pushing the button at the end of the lead.

C-Tec NC805C/14 Spare Call System Lead

The C-Tec NC805C/14 offers a longer lead than the NC805C/6 with a 4.2 metre lead length.  Again this unit is for use with the 800 Series and Quantec call system call points with the integral jack plug sockets.

C-Tec NC805D Replacement Call Lead

The C-Tec NC805D is different to the NC805C/6 & NC805C/14 in that it has a flexible extendable lead.  The lead is normally 1.2 metres in length but is capable of being extended upto 3.6 metres in length when pulled.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our C-Tec 800 Series Call System and C-Tec Quantec Call System ranges.