22Feb 2011
by Nick Potter

School Fire Alarms

School Fire Alarm Systems

As a school is a public building, every school needs a fire alarm system.  The Safety Centre has many products in its product portfolio to help schools comply with the fire safety regulations.

For larger schools an analogue addressable fire alarm system may be a suitable type of fire alarm system.  This is because large areas of the building can be wired using loop circuits encompassing many zones in one loop circuit.  Whereas a conventional / non-addressable fire alarm system may be very expensive to install due to the amount of radial zone circuits required.

For smaller schools such as primary schools a conventional / non-addressable system may be a suitable choice for a school fire alarms.  This is because smaller schools would require less detection zones and a smaller conventional system would be a more cost effective method of installing a fire alarm system.

The Safety Centre’s STI Stopper range of equipment is a great way of protecting fire alarm equipment in a school environment.  The STI Steel Web Stopper range is a great way of protecting fire alarm equipment from damage.  These items are particularly useful in a sports hall for example where detectors, sounder or call points may be vulnerable to damage from balls.  The STI Call Point Stopper range is also a great way of deterring people from maliciously or accidentally activating call points.