16Nov 2012
by Nick Potter

Smoke Vent Release Call Point From KAC

The Safety Centre have now introduced a specialist Smoke Vent Release Call Point to their range of break glass units.  This call point is manufactured by KAC and has been specially designed for use with smoke vent systems.
Smoke Vent Release Call Point


This Call Point is the KAC MCP3A-A000SG-11.  It is available in orange and comes supplied with a test key, frangible glass element and surface mounted backbox.  In addition to this smoke vent release call point we also have fire alarm break glasses as well as other call point in a variety of colours.  Our wide selection means that you will be able to find a unit to suit the application for which you require.

If you’re interested in our Smoke Vent Release Call Point you may also be interested in our KAC Call Points and Call Point Cover ranges.