06May 2020
by Nick Potter

Social Distancing Signs For Building Sites

With the prospect of the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown restrictions being lifted, building sites around the country will have the issue of complying with the governments social distancing recommendations, while also trying to function as an efficiently as possible. Effective signage throughout building sites will be a great help in providing guidance to construction site operatives as to their individual and collective responsibilities while the ongoing virus situation is still present.

Social Distancing Signs For Building SitesThe Safety Centre have introduced a wide range of signage to our product portfolio, which is ideal for helping maintain social distancing during the current crisis. These signs are available in a variety of style, messages, sizes and materials. We have photoluminescent, rigid plastic and self-adhesive vinyl versions available. The rigid plastic sign versions are more robust, whereas the self-adhesive vinyl versions are ideal for fast easy installation.

Social Distancing Signs For Open Areas In Building Sites

As part of our product portfolio, we now have large pvc banners available, which can be used to for clear highly visible signage to remind site operatives of the social distancing requirements.  These banners feature mounting eyelets for installation purposes.  There are other sign versions available which are ideal for positioning around the other more intricate areas of building sites to provide clear effective guidance on the social distancing requirements.

Social Distancing Signs For Office Areas Of Building Sites

In addition to the large banners for open spaces within building sites, there is also a selection of wall and floor mounting signage, which are ideal for using in office areas of construction sites.  These signs are available in rigid plastic and self adhesive vinyl options, depending on how the user would like to install them.  The plastic signs are robust, whereas the self-adhesive vinyl versions allow for a fast and easy installation.

If you’re interested in these products click here social distancing signs to view our products.