30Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

Solo 822-001 Smoke & Heat Detector Test Kit

Solo 822-001

The Solo 822-001 is a Smoke and Heat Detector Testing Kit for testing fire alarm system detectors.  This kit comes with an test aerosol dispenser which is specifically designed for testing optical and ionisation type smoke detectors.

Solo 822-001

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The Solo 822-001 Test kit is suitable for testing equipment upto 6 metres in height.  This test kit includes a mains powered heat detector tester.

Included in the Solo 822-001 Test Kit are:-

  • 1 x SOLO 100 Fibreglass Telescopic Extension Pole – 4.5 Metres
  • 1 x SOLO 200 Universal Removal Tool
  • 1 x SOLO 330 Aerosol Smoke Dispenser
  • 1 x SOLO 461 Cordless Heat Detector Test Set
  • 1 x SOLO 610 Protective Carrying / Storage Bag
  • 1 x SOLO A10 – Aerool Smoke Detector Tester Canister 250ml

If you’re interested in this kit, you may be interested in the Fire Alarm Testing equipment.  We can also supply the Solo 823-001 test kit.