14Sep 2012
by The Safety Centre

Solo Test Equipment

The Solo Test Equipment range is an ideal solution to professional fire alarm testing.  This range of equipment is designed specifically for testing fire alarm system equipment.  The equipment is manufactured from high quality materials which are durable and designed for everyday use.
Solo Test Equipment


The Solo Test Equipment range features testing apparatus for testing both smoke and heat detectors.  The Smoke Detector Testing is achieved by using the aerosol dispenser.  The dispenser is placed over the smoke detector head and tests the detector using the specialist smoke detector testing aerosol.  The heat detector tester works by covering the detector and emitting heat from the element within the dispenser.  The heat detector tester is available in a mains powered and battery powered version.

Within the Solo Test Equipment range there is also a full section of spares and accessories.  This means that the kits can be added to easily without the need to buy a whole new kit again.

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