16Apr 2013
by The Safety Centre

Staff Attack Transmitters Pager Call System Units Now Available

The Safety Centre can supply a selection of Staff Attack Transmitters designed for use with the C-Tec Quantec Call System. These transmitters are designed to be issued to staff and can be used to initiate a staff attack call message onto the Quantec Call System.
Staff Attack Transmitters

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These Staff Attack Transmitters come in two version depending on the requirements of the site in which they are to be installed. Both the units are radio and infrared transmission units, with the radio operating frequency being 868Mhz.

C-Tec QT412RXA Staff Attack Transmitter

The C-Tec QT412RXA gives the user the option to either push the button or pull on the unit to initiate a staff attack call. This device is compatible with the C-Tec Quantec infrared ceiling mounted receivers and also the Mk2 radio receivers also for the Quantec system.

C-Tec QT412RXCA Staff Attack Transmitters

The C-Tec QT412RXCA not only give the user the option to pull on the device to initiate a staff attack call like the QT412RXA. It also allows a standard call message to be made by pushing the button on the unit. Again this device is compatible with the infrared and radio receivers for the Quantec Call System.

C-Tec Staff Attack Transmitter Chargers

To compliment the selection of transmitters there is also two options of chargers available. These options are a single way or ten way charging unit. The ten way charger allows upto 10 staff attack transmitters to be charged at the same time.

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