18Jan 2013
by Nick Potter

STI Alert Point Stand Alone Fire Alarm Systems

The Safety Centre has recently added the STI Alert Point Stand Alone Fire Alarm Warning System to their product portfolio.  This range is available in two versions, the Alert Point standard version and also the Alert Point Lite.  These units are ideal for use in small applications such as industrial units, portakabins or even for temporary alarm systems in marques.
STI Alert Point


The STI Alert Points are available in a variety of colours, including Red, Green, Blue and White.  They standard unit comes with an integral sounder built into the housing.  There is also an option to have a version with a flashing LED beacon built into the front of the housing which flashes once the unit has been activated.

The Standard STI Alert Point units can also be linked together using a cable.  This means that a much larger system can be created by combining several STI Alert Points.  When using this feature activating a single Alert Point with cause the other units that it is linked to, to activate at the same time.  This feature is not available on the STI Alert Point Lite units, they are purely a stand alone warning system.

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