16Sep 2013
by Nick Potter

STI Call Point Stoppers With Sounders Now Available

The Safety Centre are pleased to introduce the range of STI Call Point Stoppers with Integral Sounders. These devices are designed to be positioned over fire alarm break glass / call point units.  They are available in surface and flush mounted versions and are ideal for schools and other similar buildings. For more information on STI Stoppers With Sounders call us NOW on 01200 428 410 or use our Livechat facility below.
STI Stopper With Sounder

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STI6532 Call Point Stopper With Sounder From STI

The STI6532 is a flush mounted call point stopper with integral sounder.  This unit is designed to provide a protective cover over the call point.  It is ideal to help prevent malicious activations of the call point it is covering as it emits a loud siren when the cover is lifted.  This cover is also available in a version without the integral sounder if it is not required.

STI6533 Call Point Cover Stopper From STI

The STI6533 like the STI6532 is a break glass protective cover with integral sounder.  However this version is designed for use on call points that have been installed onto the surface of the building fabric, i.e. if trunking or conduits has been used for the cables.  Again this cover emits an alert tone once the cover has been lifted to deter an unwanted activations on the fire alarm system.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Solo 823-001 or our Solo 822-001 test kits. If you would like more information then please contact us.

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