10Feb 2011
by The Safety Centre

STI Stopper Range

STI Stopper

The STI range of Call Point Stoppers are an ideal solution to stop the problem of malicious or accidental false alarms on Fire Alarm System Manual Call Points.

What are STI Stoppers?

An STI Stopper is a polycarbonate housing that is installed around a fire alarm call point.  They provide a physical barrier which has to be lifted in order to access the call point underneath.  These units come in various sizes and shapes so that almost every call point will be able to have an STI Stopper installed around it.  They come is flush and surface mounted variants.

To stop malicious false alarms there are STI Stoppers available with a built-in siren which emits a piercing tone when the polycarbonate housing is lifted to access the call point.  This siren will alert the occupants of a building whenever the STI Stopper is lifted up.

STI Stoppers also have frangible locks and tamper seals which are compatible with them.  This means that the units can be monitored to see if any tampering has occured.  The frangible locks also allow the unit to be locked shut, although the STI Stopper can be lifted in a ‘fire’ situation and the lock will break.

STI Manual Call Point Stoppers

For more information on this range products please click the following link:- STI Stoppers