16Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

System Sensor

System Sensor Fire Alarm Systems

System Sensor are one of the worlds largest fire alarm equipment manufacturers in the world.  They are specialists in the manufacture of fire alarm system detectors.  The produce both analogue addressable and conventional sensors.

System Sensor

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System Sensor manufacture analogue addressable protocol devices which are commonly used on Morley IAS fire alarm system control panels.  This range of detectors include Optical Smoke Detectors, Ionisation Smoke Detectors, Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors.

System Sensor have a European manufacturing plant in Trieste, Italy where many of the products for the European market are produced.  They have many more manufacturing plants around the world that cater for the markets in close proximity to them.

The System Sensor ranges featured on the Safety Centre webshop are the Analogue Addressable Detector range and also the System Sensor Vision range of conventional fire alarm system equipment.

If you’re interested in the System Sensor equipment range, you may also be interested in our Morley IAS Panels range.

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