21Mar 2012
by Nick Potter

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems

There is a growing demand for temporary fire alarm systems to comply with fire authorities within the UK.  The Safety Centre have several products within their product portfolio which are suitable for temporary fire alarm systems.  These systems are suitable for temporary fire alarm systems in building sites, marques and tents, camp sites, marinas and emergency situations where an existing system is not operational.

The most simple product for use on temporary fire alarm systems is the rotating hand gong bell.  This unit is simple to mount and can be manually operating on the discovery of a fire.

Rotating Hand Bell

Rotating Hand Bell Temporary Fire Alarm System

The hand bells don’t require any batteries for operation, are extremely durable and are suitable for external use.

The next product suitable for temporary fire alarm systems are the battery operated call points with built-in sounders.  The Safety Centre can supply these products manufactured by several companies.  These companies include Klaxon, STI Europe & Howler.

Klaxon Terrier Temporary Fire Alarm System

Klaxon Terrier Battery Powered Temporary Fire Alarm System

These units are battery powered call points which are designed to be wall mounted.  Upon breaking the glass or pushing the button on these units, the integral fire alarm sounder will operate to give an audible warning to people in the vicinity.  Several of these battery powered temporary fire alarm systems can be linked together so that a much larger system can be created.  By linking the units together it means that all of the sounders on the units will operate at the same time.

Rapidfire Temporary Fire Alarm System

We can also supply the Rapidfire Temporary Wireless Fire Alarm System.  This system allows the connection of upto 10 wireless devices to the base unit.

Rapidfire Temporary Fire Alarm System


The base unit features an integral call point, strobe and sounder.  The base unit communicates with all the wireless field devices and instructs them all to activate when a device on the system is activated.

Wireless Temporary Fire Alarm Systems

A more comprehensive Temporary Fire Alarm System could be achieved by using a Wireless Fire Alarm System.  The Safety Centre’s range of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems have a full compliment detectors, sounders and interfaces available.  These systems can be installed very quickly and also removed very quickly.

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless Fire Alarm System Range

These systems are ideal as they can also be removed and re-used at further temporary sites.  The units can also be easily taken down and re-located as building works take place.  The Safety Centre can supply wireless fire alarm systems which are fully compliant to EN54 Part 25.  This is the relevant standard which all wireless systems in the UK should comply with.

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