09May 2013
by Nick Potter

Test Apollo Smoke Detectors With Our Fire Alarm Testing Equipment

Apollo Detectors are some of the most common used on fire alarm systems in the UK today.  These detectors all need to be tested for correct operation on an anual basis to comply with the requirements of BS5839.  At The Safety Centre we have a range of equipment designed specifically for testing smoke detectors on fire alarm systems.  For more information on these products call us NOW on 01200 428 410.
Test Apollo Smoke Detectors


Our smoke detector testing equipment range starts at hand held aerosols and goes all the way upto specialist fire alarm system testing kits where detectors upto the height of 9 metres can be tested.

Hand Held Smoke Detector Testing Aerosols

Smoke Detector Tester Aerosol

The Safety Centre can supply the range of No Climb Solo Smoke Detector testing aerosols.  This range includes the Solo Sabre Smoke Detector Tester Spray.  This device is designed to be used by hand and features a telescopic funnel which directs the test gas directly towards the smoke detector.  These units are an inexpensive way of testing smoke detectors used on fire alarm systems.

Apollo Smoke Detector Testing Kit

Smoke Detector Testing Kits

The kits from No Climb Solo are an ideal way of testing Apollo Fire Alarm Smoke Detectors.  These kits are available in a variety of different options with telescopic poles available that allow smoke detectors at high level to be tested.  At the end of the telescopic poles there is a custom designed aerosol dispenser which enables the test gas to be released at a high level.

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