18Jul 2012
by Nick Potter

The importance of fire alarms in the workplace

A fire in any workplace can have devastating effects. It can cause massive damage to your premises, it can cost you thousands of pounds in stock, it can wipe valuable records that are crucial to the running of your business, and at its worst can cause injuries or even fatalities amongst your workforce.
No workplace is immune from fire risks, and those risks only increase when your company holds flammable stock, uses complex industrial equipment or produces dangerous products. Yet even the simplest, and apparently safest, of offices is still at risk, with paper, printer toner and a whole host of electrical equipment all creating potential fire hazards.

That’s why it is vital to have the very best in fire alarms and fire extinguishers on hand in case the worst should happen to you. Modern fire alarms and wireless fire alarms are easy to fit and operate, and can raise the alarm in seconds, ensuring that everyone evacuates safely. Top of the range fire alarms will even contact the fire brigade directly on your behalf, ensuring they get to your fire as quickly as possible.

Fire extinguishers can also provide a crucial back up to fire alarms and wireless fire alarms, giving you and your staff the chance to stop a fire fast before it spreads.

The Safety Centre stock a wide range of top quality fire alarms and wireless fire alarms that you can depend on, along with a complete selection of fire extinguishers to match the kinds of fire you are most likely to encounter. What’s more, we promise to price match any other company offering the same equipment, so you won’t get your fingers burned either.

So why risk the consequences of fire, when the finest fire alarm protection, at the guaranteed lowest price, is available to you nationwide from The Safety Centre.