26Feb 2013
by Nick Potter

The Safety Centre Secures Deal With Starbucks Coffee For Testing Equipment

As one of the largest coffee shop chains worldwide Starbuck’s know the importance of having a fully functioning fire alarm system to help protect the safety of their customers.  Starbuck’s recently ordered fire alarm testing equipment from The Safety Centre which is used to test fire alarm systems to check that they are functioning correctly.
Starbucks Coffee Fire Alarm Testing


The range of fire alarm testing equipment offered by The Safety Centre ranges from fire alarm call point test kes all the way upto full professional standard fire testing kits suitable for use by fire alarm system engineers.  These products are all made by specialised fire alarm equipment manufacturers and have a proven track record for being accurate and robust.

Our range of fire alarm testing equipment includes products manufactured by KAC, Fike, Fulleon, Detector Testers, No Climb Solo and Testifire.  We also have fire alarm system testing spares available such as the Solo A3-001 detector testing aerosols.  These cannisters allow the user to test smoke detectors by simulating smoke particles in the smoke chamber of the detector without contaminating the chamber.

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