15Feb 2011
by Nick Potter

Vibrating Pillow Alarm

Vibrating Pillow Alarms

The Fireco Deafgard is a wirefree battery operated vibrating pillow alarm.  This unit has been specifically designed as a fire safety product to wake up hearing impaired persons in the event of a fire alarm activation.

How Does it Work?

The unit has been designed as a portable units which can be simply positioned next to the bed of a hearing impaired person.  The pad on the top of the unit is positioned underneath the pillow of the user.  The unit is accoustically triggered which means when the Deafgard hears a fire alarm sounder at 75dB the unit will activate and trigger the vibrating pad.  In addition to the vibrating pad a flashing strobe on top of the body of the unit also activates.

Features of the Deafgard Vibrating Pillow Alarm

The Deafgard Vibrating Pillow Alarm has a dual battery supply, LCD display screen and built-in alarm clock.  The expected battery life of the units is 12 months before the 4 1.5V C size batteries need to be changed.

For More Information Please Click The Following Link:-  Deafgard Vibrating Pillow Alarm