13Sep 2012
by The Safety Centre

Weekly Fire Alarm Test – What is Required?

A Fire Alarm System should be tested each week by the person on the site responsible for the fire alarm system.  This test is carried out by activating one of the call points on the system in order to set the fire alarm into an alarm state.  Call Point Keys should be used to activate the system.  These are specialist keys which allow the call point to be tested without breaking the glass in the call point.
Call Point Keys


There are various types of call point keys available.  The type of key used should match the manufacturer of the call point.  Once activated the responsible person should check that the sounders and beacons on the system are working correctly and also that the correct zone and call point location (if applicable) is indicated on the main fire alarm control panel.  A different call point should be tested each week so that different areas of the system are tested week by week.

Once the weekly test has been completed a record of the test should be recorded in the Fire Alarm Log Book.  This log book should be used to record all events on the fire alarm system.

In additional to the weekly test on the fire alarm system.  The main fire alarm panel should be checked visually everyday to check if there are any fault warning indications displayed on the panel.  This visual check does not need to be recorded in the fire alarm log book.

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