20Jan 2020
by Nick Potter

What Fire Extinguishers Should Be Used For Class D Fires?

Class D fires or flammable metal fires require a specific type of fire extinguisher in order to tackle them safely and effectively.

Standard fire extinguishers are not suitable for this type of fire.  Examples of the types of metals that provide a class d risk are magnesium, titanium,aluminium and sodium.  If these metals are to ignite, then an fire extinguishing medium which does not react with the burning metal is required.

There are specialist types of powder fire extinguishers which are suitable for use on class d flammable metal fires.  These are know as L2 or M28 dry powder fire extinguishers.

Class D Fire Extinguisher

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Typical applications for these types of fire extinguishers would be laboratories, industrial plants or school laboratories.

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