26Nov 2019
by Nick Potter

What Type Of Fire Extinguisher Do I Need For Lithium Battery Fires?

Normal fire extinguishers are not suitable for lithium battery fires.  As more and more consumer products now use lithium batteries within them, the chances of lithium battery fire occuring are increasing.  These fires can be difficult to control, and pose a threat to property if they occur.

Help is now at hand, as some of the leading fire extinguisher manufacturer’s have now introduced a new type of extinguisher that is capable of tackling these fires.  The new Lith-Ex range of fire extinguishers from Firechief are now available.

Lith-Ex Fire Extinguisher For Lithium Battery Fires

Click Here To View The Lith-Ex Fire Extinguishers Range

These extinguishers are designed specifically for use on Lithium Battery Fires.  They’re available in a variety of sizes and are compact, lightweight, easy to store, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

If you’re interested in these products you may also be interested in our Chrome Fire Extinguishers and Fire Extinguisher Stand ranges.

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